Commercial Projects

Workplaces should be conducive to ambition and innovation, with spatial concepts aimed at minimising bureaucracy and inspiring its occupants to work together to achieve exceptional business results, regardless of the industry.

Workplace design can have a significant bearing on motivation, staff morale, and efficiency – all of which can ultimately affect the bottom line. Consequently, the design of your workplace should be left to the designers at F.A. Construction because their every action is backed by years of experience.

So for commercial and industrial designs that would make the industrialists proud, don’t settle on the answer, turn to F.A. Construction.

F.A. Construction Building Services Include:

1.  F.A. Construction Building
As stated, F.A. Construction core business & considered to be leaders in our field. We pride ourselves in being able to provide solutions to unusual, challenging, peculiar & demanding needs. We create renovations, extensions, additions & alterations of an extremely high standard with great value.

2.  F.A. Construction Structural
F.A. Construction provides structural services including demolition & alterations to supporting structures whether it be the need for a small to large wall opening, removal of a supporting or structural wall, or the supporting of a whole upper level to accommodate lower level open plan living, F.A. Construction has highly developed systems to tackle these challenges with ease.

3.  F.A. Construction Kitchens & Bathrooms
F.A. Construction relishes the opportunity to create that quality kitchen or bathroom or both for you as is often the desire. We possess exceptional expertise in this often underestimated potentially complex area of building to provide vibrant & creative solutions for this very personalised and risky area of your home.

4.  F.A. Construction Carpentry & Joinery
F.A. Construction has a team of in house carpenters & joiners at hand to cater for all your carpentry and many custom joinery needs. At our workshop we typically build our own stackable clear glazed folding doors. These can be floor to ceiling and wall to wall installed in your home to create open plan seamless integration between your internal & external environments.

5.  F.A. Construction Remedial
F.A. Construction provides solutions to your building failures. Typical problem areas F.A. Construction is able to resolve for you are waterproofing systems failures and structural movement.

6.  F.A. Construction Consultancy Services Include:
a) F.A. Construction Design , provides and facilitates design services tailored to your needs
b) F.A. Construction…Appraisals
F.A. Construction provides appraisal studies for your building considerations. Particularly useful when you would like building possibilities & cost estimates identified for potential building works without committing to high end financial layout, e.g.: pre property purchase & pre design commitment stage.

7.  F.A. Construction Project Management
F.A. Construction provides project management services that can also be in partnership with your own Architect and other building professionals and stake holders to ensure your project is delivered on time, on budget and in a seamless accountable soundly managed manner.


  • Professional advice on how to best maintain your building’s exterior.
  • Qualified, trade certified rope technicians fulfill a diverse range of applications & services incorporating essential quality assurances.
  • From the smallest repair jobs to complete exterior refurbishment.
  • Our services are fast, cost-effective & adaptable.


F.A. Construction provides you with great value. We invest an incredible amount of time and energy in you to ensure we get the scope right to deliver on time – on budget & to your full expectations. You’ll get great value from F.A. Construction at a competitive price.


F.A. Construction will communicate with you openly & transparently about your project opportunities and concerns. We will provide you with realistic & committed figures for fixed sum pricing projects & impeccably recorded accounting for cost plus projects. F.A. Construction is committed to the ethics of honesty, responsibility & fairness to all stake holders & participants that we partner with on our projects. We sincerely place great value nurturing a dignified, enthusiastic and successful building project for all.


F.A. Construction takes a full ownership approach to all that we do. Your needs, hopes, desires & expectations become our responsibility to deliver. We specialise in identifying and verifying opportunities for your property. We confirm this fit through sound communication & collaboration with yourself. We then make it our business to enable you to go about your business with the confidence and knowledge that your hopes, dreams and expectations are in the safe hands of a dedicated building perfectionist. Relax, free yourself up and allow F.A. Construction to turn your building dreams into an exiting reality.


Bachelor of Civil Engineer degree
Diploma of building Study
Diploma of Quantity Surveyor
Qualified supervisors licence
Full Building contractor licence

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